Rec Sports


Register now through February 20
Open to boys and girls Pre-K4 through fifth grade

March 21 Coaches Meeting/Game Schedule
March 25 First Game
May 13 Last game
Seven-game season; no game Easter weekend



Register now through February 20
Open to girls in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade

March 21 Coaches Meeting/Game Schedule
March 25 First Game
May 13 Last game
Seven-game season; no game Easter weekend

All Teams are required to have Head Coach, Assistant Coach & Team Parent.

Team Parent Duties

  • Pick up uniforms for team
  • Call Parents regarding practice and game changes
  • Remind coaches and parents of the picture date
  • Prepare and distribute an after game snack schedule to all parents
  • Teams will be honored with an end of season celebration at the church

Coach/Assistant Coach Duties

  • Communicate with parents & Team Parent in a timely manner
  • Set Practice time & day
  • Have knowledge of or Acquire the Basic Rules of the sport
  • Effectively run practice to teach skills needed to play & understand game
  • Be a Positive Role model in conduct & attitude
  • Attend all or most Games
  • Attend Team Pictures & Team Party

Grace Presbyterian Church participates in youth sports activities as a member of the West Houston Christian Sports Association (WHCSA). The WHCSA sports programs provide opportunities for youth to participate in competitive team sports in a Christian environment. The underlying philosophy and objectives of WHCSA focus on the spiritual and emotional development of its youth, physical fitness, fair play, sportsmanship, and the development of individual and team skills.Grace Presbyterian Church appreciates the time, effort, and commitment required of its coaches and understands his/her importance as a role model to the participating youth. The conduct, attitude, and examples exhibited by an adult coach are critical in providing the positive experience and lifelong lessons that can be gained through youth participation in competitive team sports.

Parents’ & Coaches’ Code of Ethics

  • I will remember that the game is for the youth and not for adults.
  • I will provide a safe and healthy environment for my players. I will do my best to organize practices that promote self-esteem, fun, friendship, and the fundamentals of the sport.
  • I will be knowledgeable in the rules of the sport that I coach, and I will attempt to teach these rules to my players.
  • I will treat players, fans, officials, parents, and coaches with respect, regardless of religion, race, gender, creed, or ability. I will hold my players accountable for exhibiting the same respect.
  • I will lead by example, demonstrating Christian love, fair play, and sportsmanship towards all players, fans, officials, parents, and coaches. I will only address players, fans, officials, parents and coaches in a positive and encouraging manner.
  • I have read the above Parent’s and Coach’s Code of Ethics and agree to abide by them, as well as the rules, regulations, guidelines, interpretations, and rulings of the WHCSA. I understand that any violation of these is subject to review by the WHCSA, Grace Presbyterian Church, and its staff, and that my participation as a coach or spectator may be revoked at any time if a violation occurs.
  • I agree to share the above information with any and all persons who will be in attendance at my child’s practices/sporting events during the course of the season. I understand that they will be subject to the same ethics agreement and consequences as outlined above.