My Faith Statement

I’ve always felt like I had Jesus in my life, but that really wasn’t the case until recently. I found my worth in my achievements and abilities, particularly my smarts. Even though I was good natured most of the time, I was full of myself and still am, acting on my current interests. This could put others down and eventually it would put me down as well. Despite being a Christian, I wouldn’t go to God that much for anything unless I was told to, which I should have known was not what I was called for.

At the start of Freshman year of high school, we went to Camp Mustang. That is where I truly found who God is. There we were given many sermons about God and what he has done for each of us. Finally, I was able to see God’s majesty, capabilities, and Grace fully, which led me to want to learn more about scripture. This would allow me to shape my life how God wants it to be shaped. I nearly got baptized, but only didn’t because I was already baptized and accepted as a Son of God by my church and God.

I want to teach others about Jesus. In order to do that, I will need to learn about God himself first, which I intend on doing. I don’t know what the lord is exactly saying to me, but I know that he wants me to spread his word in whatever I end up doing in life. Of course, I will struggle with doing what the Lord wants me to do, but I know that I’m redeemed because of Jesus’ resurrection. I will serve him to the best of my abilities, and attempt to surround myself with those with a similar mindset. Anything that will please the father.

God is the creator and the reason why I live the way I do and live at all. I turn to Him when I’m praying, but the Father is also the Son and the Spirit. Jesus is the savior, the teacher, the reason why I have eternal life. He will come again one day, when many believe in Him, as He is the only way for salvation. The Spirit is on the world and is why I want to follow Christ and do good for the world. I want to know more about what the Spirit does for us, because it seems like it's why we can convert others to Christianity.

 Grace is a part of my life, and I believe it set me up for my eventual turning to Christ by teaching me about Him when I was young. Becoming a covenant partner at the Church is how God and I would like to serve the local community. I will try to come to church more on Sunday. One thing I would like to try is teaching children who were just like me about Christ. This way, I can help others turn to the Lord just as I have. And these actions will please the Lord, so they will please me.